GRM Bachelor of Arts program

Our BA degree concentrates on the subject of Divine Wholeness based on the Hebrew Holy Scriptures. This program will equip to minister people in need of spiritual, mental, and physical healing and transformation.

Learn how the Jewish roots of faith bring wholeness and wellbeing and those served. The power, anointing, and the truth of the original gospel can save, deliver, and heal even the most impossible cases. That healing process includes divine miracles, retraining of mind, and also the natural steps as a healthy diet, rest and exercise, as well as special instructions that the Holy Spirit may give as a person seeks His leading.

Students will go through a personal deliverance and inner healing during their BA studies, and then learn minister to others in the context of their area of service in His Kingdom.

Our BA program consists of 5 parts:

    • Biblical Wholeness
    • Participating in our Bible School on Wheels in Israel
    • Deliverance
    • Inner Healing
    • Writing your Thesis

Through the studies, students will gain new wholeness and health, coupled with a Hebrew, Biblical understanding of human beings. Students will learn how the original Jewish foundations of faith lead us to a life of Shalom and will be able to impart that same Shalom to others.


Mandatory Books:

    1. Woman Factor
    2. The Healing Power of the Roots
    3. Restorative Theology
    4. From Sickology to A Healthy Logic
    5. Defeating Depression
    6. ATG – Addicts Turning to God

Write a 3 -part book report of each book:

    1. Brief Summary of the book – 2 pages
    2. How this message touches you personally – 2 pages
    3. How you can apply this message in your ministry – 2 pages

Restorative Theology: Volume 1 book report:

Write an essay of three subjects that touched you the most in the book, including examples of personal experiences.


You are required to participate in one Bible School on Wheels Sukkot Tour in Israel during your BA studies.

During the Tour:

Write a daily study journal on what you learn from Archbishop Dominiquae’s teachings and how it affects your life and faith.

After the Tour, reflect on your writings.

Write an essay of 6 pages:

    1. What was the most revealing subject (choose one) to you during the Tour, and why? – 2 pages
    2. How can you apply what you have learned in your ministry? – 2 pages
    3. How you plan to draw people from your nation to attend the Bible School on Wheels? – 2 pages


Mandatory study materials:

1: Book: This Means War, Paul and Claire Hollis
2: Workbook: Exposing and Expelling Strongholds
3: Videotape: Exposing and Expelling strongholds

From, Living Free Counseling Center, E-Mail:

Reflect what you have learned and write an essay:
4-page essay of what you have learned from the materials; include your own insights.

Personal Deliverance

You will be assigned a time and minister, who will lead you through your personal deliverance according to the program Kad-Esh MAP Ministries uses. The program takes 2-3 days, including your preparations with homework and a few hours of deliverance session.

If you are a minister/pastor, you are required to minister the Deliverance program to at least one person after you have gone through your own deliverance.


Freedom from pain seminar

Students will receive an instruction sheet that will guide them to take 2-3 days retreat with Yah, going through the inner-healing program.

Reading Retreat assignment:

Sheet about Inner healing method/ Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman

Essay – 3-4 pages:

Share about your Freedom from Pain retreat. What happened during the retreat?
How this program and inner healing method can help the people you serve?


70 pages thesis on the subject of your choosing related to Divine Wholeness

Mandatory books to read before writing Thesis:

How to write a Thesis, Umberto Eco
On Writing Well, William Zinsser

Price $1200, plus students need to pay for the mandatory books and study materials, and for attending Bible School on Wheels Sukkot Tour in Israel, which is part of the BA program.


Please fill in the application form below to apply for our B.A. Program. After we have reviewed your form, you will receive an email of our decision. Upon acceptance, you will be directed to register and pay for the program.