Birth of GRM

A Heavenly Download

In 2009 right after finishing a Shmita- Sabbatical Year, the Holy Spirit downloaded on me what was to become the most important pillar of this Ministry- The GRM Bible School.

When I started taping the videos I didn’t mean to start a Bible School at all! My idea was to tape a TV program called Revival Cry. But The Almighty wanted something else. He brought His will to pass as He downloaded on me day after day an average of 8 teachings and 8 TV programs ­– a total of 80 programs.

The Vow made by this Spiritual Mother

In 1997 at the Zurich airport I made a vow before the God of Israel: I will never again minister in the Prophetic gifts of the Spirit without also equipping the people to stand firm against the Monster of Replacement Theology!

My heart was torn into pieces as I witnessed each one of my spiritual sons and daughters in Switzerland, whom I loved dearly, crushed under what I would later name,

The Swiss Inquisition

It had all the marks of the Catholic Spanish Inquisition where the Auto de Fe (the moving Tribunal of the Inquisition since the 15th Century and well into the 19th) was persecuting the infidels and especially the “Judaizers”. Those were mainly converse Jews but could be also Gentiles that dared to obey the Torah, keep Shabbat, the Biblical Feasts or any dietary commandments.

In the case of the Swiss Inquisition of the 1990’s, the persecuting pastors and leaders did not use physical torture like the Spanish — but they did use the same intimidating tactics of threatening the people and instilling fear in them.

I watched my most beautiful disciples, each enjoying the Freedom of Torah and Spirit and of the intimacy of knowing the Jewish Messiah personally, begin to be attacked. One by one they were all butchered spiritually. Some of them never recovered! This crime was perpetrated in the 20th Century in the 1990’s by Charismatic-Evangelical leaders of the former renewal in Switzerland.

They themselves were not aware that their theologies were possessed of the same spirit as Constantine when he established the Council of Nicaea. They were not aware that they were attached with an umbilical cord to the Catholic Church, through all the Sun Worship, Christmas and Easter that they had inherited. Along with this comes a deep suspicion and hatred against the Torah and everything Jewish. They thought they were doing God a service by “rescuing” these “gullible” believers from being “under the law” because they were restored to the Jewish Roots of the Faith as the disciples of the First Century were!

But in their Zeal without knowledge and in their pride, these pastors killed many spiritually and set back the Revival Clock of Switzerland for over 20 years. They raised their hand to close the doors of Switzerland before us and the Jewish Messiah that we represent.

So in 1997 at the Zurich airport I made a vow before the God of Israel: I will never again minister in the Prophetic gifts of the Spirit without also equipping the people to stand firm against this Monster of Replacement Theology!

GRM Bible School is the Answer!

Global Revival

Messianic Apostolic Prophetic

Bible School

80 teachings

Born in Eilat, Israel in 10 days (with a Shabbat of rest in the middle) in January of 2009.

One of the volunteers that came to assist me in the taping project asked me a practical question:

“Bishop, please let us see your sermon notes so we can time the programs properly.”

I answered her this way:

“Do you see this little room on the side (of what became the Eilat Prayer Tower), I will go in between episodes to fix my makeup, change my clothes — and above all, I will go on my knees and expect ABBA to Download what He wants me to speak. There are no sermon notes!”

My assistant Malka had many thoughts she kept to herself. She contemplated how many corrections each program would need, how many stops to adjust timing to fit the exact 28.30 min. required by the TV stations. Her conclusion: “this is going to be two very long months!”

Two weeks later her life had been transformed – after listening to and taping the messages. Not even one needed to be redone! Each Heavenly Download was an exact 28.30 minutes and, instead of a set of normal TV programs, a perfectly crafted Bible School came down from Heaven!

It was prophesied in the 90’s!

About 12 years before this Heavenly Download called GRM came into being and a short while after I made the Vow in the Swiss airport, a well-known prophet declared this over my life:

“I see you will have a Bible School in a suitcase and it has the postal stamps of many countries because it will be sent all over the world!”

I was puzzled: How can a Bible School be put into a suitcase? How heavy is this going to be? This was the 90’s, there were barely CD’s out then!

But 12 years later DVD’s had become common. One day my team was packing a GRM Bible School DVD set in a case that looked like a mini suitcase! Then it dawned me, the “Bible School in a suitcase” had been born just as prophesied! And it was being sent all over the world, just as this prophet said – without any way of knowing about DVD cases in the 90’s!

I also realized that YHVH had heard my vow in the Zurich airport and had given me the Tool to prevent any more bloodshed, spiritual or physical, due to Replacement Theology! None of my disciples would be a casualty again to persecutions by well-meaning people or leaders that were still steeped in Replacement Theology and Babylonian Christianity!

Now everyone could be delivered, set free, healed, restored and equipped to live and preach the Gospel made in Zion as the Jewish Disciples of the First Century! They will be full of Truth, Anointing, Obedience, Holiness, Sacrificial Love, Authority and they would be followed with signs, wonders and miracles!

A New Generation of End Time Believers would be born, free from any religious theologies that have brought death throughout the centuries!

The 21st Century like the 1st Century!

Finally a school like no other! A True Download from Heaven was born!