Doctoral Program (PhD)

through Kad-Esh MAP Ministries

Our PhD Program is offered to those who have graduated from GRM Bible School and GRI Online Course, have completed their BA and MA degrees, and have at least 5 years of experience in the ministry. It is a Dissertation-Only PhD Program.

This Doctoral degree in Theology is achieved through the successful completion of a thesis of 80,000 – 100,000 words, written on a religious/theological research area of the student’s choice.

Preferably, these new PhD topics chosen should fit into the main areas covered in the GRM Bible School:

  • Jewish Roots of Faith / The Original Gospel made in Zion
  • Dismantling Replacement Theology
  • Inner Healing and Deliverance
  • Women in Leadership

This program is open to those graduates who have gained a research Master’s degree in Theology (or a related subject) from an accredited organization which is internationally acknowledged.

The thesis for the Doctoral degree in Theology will embody independent research work of distinction. The PhD thesis is:

  • An academic thesis about a certain subject, or
  • A compilation of academic publications that may or may not have been published previously.

Other requirements for participants:

  1. Attend a full Bible School on Wheels Tour in Israel, hosted by Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman. Complete and submit a written report after the Tour (see details below).
  2. Complete a Basic Hebrew course (Biblical Hebrew). Choose an online course and present the certificate upon completion. You may provide a certificate for a Biblical Hebrew course completed prior to enrolling in the PhD program.

Bible School on Wheels Tour Report

During the tour, write a daily study journal on what you learn from Archbishop Dominiquae’s teachings and how they affect your life and faith. After the tour, reflect on your writings.

Write a Report (5 pages in length) based on:

  1. What was the most revelatory subject to you during the tour, and why? (Choose only one topic)
  2. How can you apply what you have learned to your ministry?
  3. How do you plan to draw people from your nation to attend the Bible School on Wheels Sukkot Tours?


Students wishing to apply for a PhD will be required to fill in the Application below and to provide academic documentation as specified on the form, along with an application fee of $55. The documents will be reviewed by Kad-Esh MAP Ministries’ Education Team.

If the information and documents provided indicate sufficient familiarity and compliance with the required academic standards, the applicant will be required to submit a Research Proposal. The PhD Supervisor and the Education Team will give their final decision on admission.

If English is not your first language:

For those whose first language is not English and who may have difficulty with the written form, you will be required to hire a proofreader, to assure the thesis is grammatically accurate before submitting it.

Length of the Program:

1-5 years

Price of the Program

Price (application fee included): $5,650 USD

Application Fee: $55, non-refundable


  • One full payment
  • Monthly payments (up to 24 months).

Application form

Please fill in the Application below. Upload the attachments in PDF format, unless otherwise noted.


    Describe your reasons for applying to the program, your preparations for this field of study, and why our program is a good fit for you. It must be typed, single-spaced, with a length between one and two pages.

    This is required so that Kad-Esh MAP Ministries has evidence from another academic source that you are a person who is capable of undertaking PhD study, not only in terms of your credentials and academic abilities, but also in terms of your character. These references will confirm that you are someone who demonstrates commitment, perseverance, independence, and the ability to communicate effectively.

    Describe your position and experience in the ministry.

    Previous papers you have published or conferences you have participated in.