My involvement in the GRM Bible School was a monumental turning point in my life. After years of walking the Christian life, I began to question why I were not seeing more victory in the lives of those around me. I read in the Bible what was possible through faith but saw little of it.

Then my eyes were opened through the books and GRM Bible School teachings of Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman. As I continued through to graduation it became evident that my own freedom from Replacement Theology was necessary to be able to enjoy pure fellowship with my Creator, my Father. This is the pathway to victory!

I thank Yahweh for allowing me to connect with this ministry tool that truly sets the captives free with truth!

Reverend Debra Barnes, USA

I couldn’t resist the desire to express my gratitude for GRM.
As I’m watching the videos, I’m not only admiring the depth of revelations and anointing, but also I see Archbishop Dominiquae’s heart of such love and compassion!
She doesn’t impose anything, but there is such supernatural conviction and power imparted to change many things.

Pastor Alana Vigario, New York

I have felt like an orphan for most of my life. I was born in Ghana into a family bound by Satan; they worshipped him and did not know anything about our Lord Adonai. At age 18, after attending a retreat for youth, I received the Lord Jesus Christ and received the Holy Spirit. After that I began to experience a lot of warfare from the Spirit realm as well as from my mother and father. I stood in my faith in the Lord and served Him as best as I could. There were many years when I wanted to give up because it felt like there was no one willing to help me continue my walk with the Lord, since my entire family was against my salvation.

After moving to the United States, I stayed with other family members who were also deep into Satanism. So, to continue my walk with the Lord, I made the decision at the age of 26 to attend World Harvest Bible College, leaving my family behind. It was at the bible college where I learned about the Feasts of Israel being the foundation of the Christian faith.

I graduated after 2 years. I had learned about the Lord but replacement theology was mixed with its beliefs and practices, such as Sunday worship and holidays like Christmas and Easter. I married my classmate Vincent Cox, who is now attending GRM Bible School with me.

GRM has changed my life in so many ways. I now know more about the roots of the faith that my Jewish Messiah came to demonstrate, including the Shabbat, Feasts and Torah. I have also learned the truth that Israel (Zion) is the true foundation of the gospel, according to Isaiah 2:3 “Come, let us go up to the mountain of ADONAI, to the House of the God of Jacob! Then He will teach us His ways, and we will walk in His paths.” For Torah, will go forth from Zion and the word of Adonai from Jerusalem”. 

I no longer feel like an orphan! I know Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman are my spiritual parents. I have seen the promise of Adonai come to pass through them to me, the one given to Abraham regarding the nations in Genesis 22:18 – “In your seed all the nations of the earth will be blessed—because you obeyed My voice”.

The nations and I are being blessed through their obedience to preach the gospel made in Zion. Many who have come out of replacement theology have also felt like orphans because we were not shown our true identities in this religious Christian system. We were not told to worship the Lord Adonai and his Messiah Yeshua through obeying His Torah. I feel like we were victims of identity theft – we were made into people we were never meant to be, because we lived our lives outside of obedience to the Torah.

Now through GRM we are going back to His original intent. Adonai is restoring us back to Himself through His Torah. I now know what my part is in the body of Messiah as a Gentile coming from Ghana and as a U.S citizen who believes in Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah. My part is to worship Him through His Torah and to restore His people by treating them the way He wanted us to, according to Matthew 25:40 – ‘Amen, I tell you, whatever you did to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.” (TLV)

I thank Archbishop and Rabbi Bierman for giving us our identity back and restoring our original heritage as children of Adonai through the blood of Messiah Yeshua!

Bridgitte Cox, USA


My testimony began when I received the revelation of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) to travel to Lima where GRM Bible School was being recorded for the first time in the Spanish language. I felt I needed to intercede through prayer during the recording. This unique experience confirmed the seriousness of this school because of the opposition and attacks that could be felt. For 15 days, the prayer intercesers prayed alongside Rabbi Baruch while Archbishop Dominiquae recorded in the adjoining room. The equipment failed, there were noises manifesting, there was an attack against the recordings: this gave me the certainty that this was of YHVH, because of such difficulty.

Once the recording was finalized, I purchased the first course in Spanish to take to my country Ecuador (I bought it in faith, because I didn’t have the money at that moment) and told Adonai, if this course is Yours, provide it for me. When I arrived in Ecuador, He sent the provision in a supernatural way: a person that I didn’t know came and gave me the exact amount that I’d spent on the course without me having mentioned a word! All glory be to Adonai that answered my cry.

8 years ago, the Spirit spoke to me indicating that we should return to the Torah, and to the Hebrew Roots of the Sacred Scriptures. As a pastor up until this point, what I had been teaching my congregation wasn’t the truth. Soon, I discovered Kad-Esh MAP and AGIMAP (Spanish GRM Bible School). This brought clarity of the Hebrew Roots enabling me to discard those things that were wrong and those that had been added (traditions and customs). I was able to walk in the Torah with the Ruach HaKodesh’s guidance. I had been unable to find this in any religious group.

Being moved in the Spirit is what makes this course different from all others. It is full of the Spirit, leading us to return to the observance of the commandments and the Holy Convocations. Using the legitimate name of Adonai, of Yeshua, brought me freedom that I had never before experienced. Now I wouldn’t have to lie to my congregation – I have answers to the questions I was asking myself or my brethren from the congregation were asking. For example: Why do we observe Sunday and not Saturday like it is indicated in Torah?

I felt I was released from incarceration and having been cheated. Now I see Israel as the Mother of the nations and both my congregation and I are being cleansed from Replacement Theology!

I learned to keep the Shabbat, which cleansed my relationship with my wife and my family. To celebrate the Holy Convocations makes me feel a joy that I had never experienced while celebrating the Babylonian feasts.

Today we have ongoing studies — the 5th class of undergraduates are studying GRM Bible School in Spanish here in Ecuador. I see more and more people coming to learn about the Hebrew Roots with thirst.

For years I was excluded by pastors who raised false testimonies against my life and that of my wife because we preached the message that we learned from GRM. They called me a dangerous religious sect and persecuted me, but I stood firm on this teaching because I saw that was and is the way, the ancient path. I had to pay the price, but it was worth it!

I feel glad that I’ve studied GRM Bible School. I cried for this, traveling through my country distributing tracks, and now I see the fruit. The Ruach has even allowed me to bring this message to the Vice-president of the Republic, Jorge Glass Cohen, and I’m sharing with him and his wife the message of the Hebrew Roots. Even though my country is going through severe internal governmental problems, I expect that in a day not too far from now Ecuador will be a Sheep Nation!

-Pastor Marcelo Corral, Ecuador-Cuenca


How GRM has changed my life and attitudes.

I became a believer 40 years ago, in 1978. I was a “good Christian”, reading New Testament often, but my closest relationships were difficult. I did not understand anything about the meaning of Israel and I was confused of many Old Testament passages. Still they felt fascinating – I could not understand why. There were so many promises, but to who?

The Holy Spirit led me to study GRM Bible School in 2014. The first level was about Israel and soon I understood how I had despised God’s own country and people, the very apple of His eye. Then I attended the Bible School on Wheels Sukkot Tour of Israel, and there I was crying and repenting from my attitudes toward the Mother of the nations, Israel.

Later on I also asked for forgiveness from my own parents for my dishonoring attitudes towards them. As a result, my children also began to respect me and my husband, their parents. My closest relationships were restored. HalleluYah, Yeshua is mighty!

Erja Lastunen, Finland

For 7 years I suffered through a living Hell as I was struggled with serious mental problems. I looked for help from everywhere: psychiatric professionals, mental hospital, various meds, different therapies, churches, congregations, Christian counselors and so on. I talked through my traumas again and again, never finding a way out of the circle of anxiety, bitterness, anger and depression.

Then, after 7 long years, a friend gave me a book called The Healing Power of the Roots by Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman. This was the first time I heard the original gospel with Jewish Roots. I received it by faith, because it was my last hope. I desperately took hold of Yeshua as a Jewish Messiah and begin to literally experience the Healing Power of the Roots. I started to understand the nature of sin in a totally new way – it is simply breaking the commandments of Abba. This led me to the process of deep repentance and the healing of my mind, body and soul. I managed to quit meds, which had become a serious addiction in my life.

Yah also asked me to leave the School of Art at the university where I was studying at the time and to travel to Israel. I obeyed Him, even though that school had been a fulfillment of my dreams. It is a highly acclaimed school and I had been continuing my studies through the years, with the “help” of many tranquilizers. At that time I was about to finally get my BA. When I went to thank my teachers, the words that came out of my mouth were: “I am going to Israel to study in other schools.”

Through many desperate steps of faith and the ensuing miracles, I finally found myself at the Eilat Prayer Tower, the headquarters of Kad-Esh MAP Ministries in Israel at the time.

And after I received a scholarship to study at the GRM Bible School and began watching the video lessons, I cried profusely. This was The School I had so much longed for!

GRM Bible School provided a totally new foundation for my life and mental health: Shalom and light overcame the darkness of my life. All the lies I had believed in were replaced, step by step, with the truth. I found shalom, a true wellbeing and purpose for my life.

I am exceedingly thankful for the GRM Bible School and I know that it can bring healing, deliverance and salvation even to the most desperate cases, like I used to be.

– Hadassah, Finland


After studying GRM several hours today and writing the book review of Healing Power of the Roots, I had an encounter with Yeshua. I was lying on my bed just longing to be in Abba’s presence more and more. My spirit was just longing and longing for more of Him. I felt the remaining rest of the religion in me like an old dirty skin and it was disgusting. I cried to be cleansed.

Then immediately Yeshua stepped into the room and said to me: “I will wash you clean, as clean as if you were a newborn baby.” And I saw heaven open and the heavenly water came upon me for quite a while. I felt myself like a newborn, like being born “again, again”! Then Yeshua took my hand and said: “We will walk together, and I am your Jewish Messiah.” Now this has a much deeper influence on me than ever before. These are not just words but like a truly “piercing” experience. This became flesh in me.

– Prophet Sanna Enroos, Sweden


Thanks to Yah for His grace to study GRM. I have just gone through the first six lessons, and already gained a deeper understanding of Yah and Abraham. As a result:

  1. I love Israel more. Now my desire is to honor and comfort Israel in action and pray more for Israel.
  2. My understanding towards Yah is that now, because of the blessings of Abraham, I can be his seed.
  3. During these 6 lessons I gained a pure trust in Yah. He didn’t change towards Israel, though there is chastisement for disobedience. My hope is that I can draw close to His heart and be pleasing to Him in all my ways.

Ariela Leung, Succat Daveed, Hong Kong

Before I studied GRM, I didn’t realize that Israel should be so important to me. I didn’t have the desire to pray for the peace of Jerusalem even though I often heard others mention it.

After I studied GRM, I’m able to understand more about the kind of persistent love between God and Israel shown in every lesson. It creates a hunger in me to learn more about the important connection between Israel and my life.

Also, in the past, I felt that I didn’t belong to any country because my father rejected and hated his own country very much. After I studied GRM, I feel that Israel is like my own country. This sense of having roots and a foundation providing protection is very important to me. Thanks to Yeshua, as He opens my eyes to receive His blessings!

Hanna Chan, Succat Daveed, Hong Kong

Before GRM I couldn’t understand some ideology in the Holy Scriptures and how important the Grafted In message is in Yeshua’s heart. But after GRM I now have a solid foundation in the truth regarding being grafted in, and I know that Abba’s heart is waiting for the churches to return to the original Jewish foundations of faith. Yah is calling the bride to make herself ready, to enter into holiness, purity and the fear of Yah. Through GRM, Yah is putting His house in order and we’re called to walk on the ancient path, the good way, and we’ll find rest within our souls.
It is time for the church to Teshuvah (repentance), to wake up and return to the ancient path! Yeshua is waiting. Glory to Yahweh!

Pastor Sarah, Succat Daveed, Hong Kong

Before studying GRM, I was spiritually blind and did not understand the heart of ABBA. Even though I read the Tanach (Bible), I did not understand what it meant.

After studying GRM for a month, I understand ABBA’s heart for Israel and how HE loves Israel so much. It also helped me to understand ABBA more in depth. In addition, I know how to pray for Israel regarding salvation of the people and for Jerusalem’s Shalom (peace, wholeness, well-being).

I was awakened and alerted. GRM helped me to get closer to Israel and have more intimacy with God. The most important thing is that I understand better the Key of Abraham (Genesis 12:3), which blesses my personal and family prayers.

-Devora Cheung, Succat Daveed, Hong Kong

Before I studied GRM, I never thought that I could be an intercessor. I used to tell people that I am not that type of person, even though I know we are all called to pray – a privilege of being Father God’s children.

After I studied GRM, I realize that I am now grafted into the Olive Tree with Israel, and “For Zion sake, I will not keep silent ….”

At the end of each lesson, I prayed according to what was being taught in the lesson. It started off with short prayers with understanding – gradually they became longer prayers under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I myself was amazed and touched by those prayers. Father God is removing my heart of stone and replacing it with a heart of flesh, awakening and reviving my soul to the relationship with the land of Israel and its people. Praise Yah!

Shema Yu, Succat Daveed, Hong Kong

From attending the GRM Bible School, I have begun a fresh interest in reading and meditating on the Torah and the Hebrew Scriptures. I find myself following the news and happenings in Israel and I continue praying for Israel. A great interest was also birthed within to watch videos about touring the biblical places in Israel.

Edith Koo, Succat Daveed, Hong Kong

South Africa

“My life changed completely, I received a boldness to speak the Truth, and as I lay my hands on people, the power of Yeshua works through me and heal the sick and pull people out of deep pits. GRM equipped me to be a real soldier in YAH’s End Time Army and I am on orders now, My life is not my own anymore and I have to listen , obey and walk in holiness. Bishop is an anointed, powerful Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher and her testimony, dreams and visions encourages me and I learned a lot from her.”
Pastor Erina Olivier

Ivory Coast

“I am happy and sincere to confirm once more thatthese teachings are just amazing and they blow my mind; I have been celebrating YHVH and laughing throughout the teaching for they blew out my understanding of the holy and sacred writings, as now more than before I can really give the same value to the Old and New testament, and spend even more time with the old testament to even get closer and deeper to the very insight of the laws and prophets! And joyfully, I can loudly announce that I’m getting change and change and change!”
Rev. Eli Mafuta


“The Holy Spirit is working through this school, revealing and teaching a better understanding for the end-times, Israel and its role in the plan of God. It is eye opening material helping us to grow steadfast and strong and deeply rooted as the sons and daughters of God.”


“The benefits that I have received from doing the GRM bible school is that now my life is free to come into divine order. How wow is that! A good exchange rate, to exchange my confusion to receive wisdom of abiding in the true vine, Praise you Yah!”