Group Study Member


All Group Study Members will register and pay here to study GRM Bible School under your local GRM leader*.

No books included. For hard copies or ebooks, you can purchase them separately at

There are a limited number of cities with local GRM Groups. Send an email to to receive confirmation that there will be a local GRM Group in your city before you register and pay.

Tuotetunnus (SKU): GROUP-STUDY-MEMBER Osasto:


  1. Every member of the local GRM Group must register and pay $135 for 6 months. After this they will have to pay $120 for a further additional 6 months to continue their studies, provided they have not been able to graduate yet. All payments can be done through this webpage.
  2. In addition to this, every student must buy their own reading books. They should purchase as many as they will need, as some students have already bought books before signing for the GRM Course. Every student will need their own copy of all the books, hard copy or e-books. There are a total of 12 books in the GRM Course. The books can be bought as hard copies or e-books through (The book “The MAP Revolution” is only available as a free Download).
  3. The Leader will set up the GRM Bible School once or twice a week in the congregation/ministry building or another building suitable for this, where the videos may be watched from a central TV screen.

A local Group on the internet is another option for a local Group. (The students are not given access to the GRM online page for this option.) Everything is organized by the local Leader. The same price applies as for local GRM Groups “on the ground”: $135 paid every 6 months.

  1. The Leader can set an additional modest monthly fee payable by the students to cover costs and duplicating workbooks, this to be paid locally to the leader. We suggest an additional $10 USD per month (A maximum of $135 USD a year).
  2. The Leader will grade/mark the quizzes and papers of his/her students.
  3. All students under a Leader will receive a Graduation Certificate from GRM Bible School in Israel stating that they have successfully completed the three levels of study. If they are not able to attend the yearly Sukkot Tour for Graduation, the Graduation Certificate will be sent to them by mail.