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Course Overview...

Graduation and Ordination 

Course Content

GRM Bible School is made up of three levels.

Please seethe topics and required reading below which is required to complete each level successfully:  


L1 PhotoLevel 1:  

Foundations of Faith Revealed

Torah ArkLevel 2:  

Discovering the Hebrew Scriptures 

L3 LogoLevel 3:   

Hebrew Scriptures Restored

Video Lessons:

Unit 1: Israel Rediscovered  

Unit 2: Reconnecting with Israel

Unit 3: Key of Abraham Israel Our Mother

Unit 4: Revival of Reconciliation

Unit 5: Key of Abraham Revealed

Unit 6: Replacement Theology Revealed

Unit 7: The Fear of the Lord

  The Silence of God

Unit 8: The Eternal Gospel

Required Reading, by Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman: 

1. The Healing Power of the Roots 

2. Grafted In

3. Sheep Nations

Video Lessons:

Unit 9: Rediscovering Genesis

Unit 10: The Revival Cry of Josiah

Unit 11: Son of Man Revealed

Unit 12 Radical Lifestyle

Required Reading, by Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman:

1. Yeshua is the Name

2. Stormy Weather

3. Eradicating the Cancer of Religion






Video Lessons:

Unit 13:  The Enemies of God 

Unit 14: Ark of the Covenant 

Unit 15: Glimpses of Glory 

Unit 16: Treasures of the Ark 

Unit 17: The Royal Commandments 

Is the Old Testament ‘Old’? 

Unit 18: Tabernacle of David Revealed 

Required Reading, by Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman: 

1. The Key of Abraham 

2. MAP Revolution 

3. The Bible Cure for Africa